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Managed Print Services for Businesses in Little Rock

Managed Print Services Leveraging PrintFleet

In business, the more knowledge you have, the better decisions you make. At Arkansas Copier Center, Managed Print Services using PrintFleet provide enhanced service. With Managed Print Services, we can easily and automatically gather data about all your network copy/print devices and leverage that information to formulate cost efficient solutions while streamlining your printing processes.
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Automatic meter readings
  • Automatic supply/toner level readings eliminate emergency calls
  • Less administration and management
  • Less inventory
  • On-time toner replacement
  • Monthly reports
  • Maximize equipment usage and ROI
  • Enhances IT department
In addition, when you implement the Managed Print Services Program and PrintFleet from Arkansas Copier Center, it allows you to bundle all your document output devices (existing and new) under one package resulting in significant savings.
  • One point of accountability    
  • One invoice, one low-cost-per print    
  • No new equipment to buy    
  • All service, parts and supplies    
  • Itemized usage billing and tracking    
  • Help desk


FREE for a Limited Time!

Managed Print Service being offered for a limited time for FREE to certain classifications of our current clients. Please contact us to see if your business qualifies.


New Features Being Released

We are working to improve our Managed Print Services package. This will mean increased savings of both time and monetary assets for your business.

How Much Can You Save on Printing Costs?

Printing is a critical business activity for every company, understanding and controlling it can be a bit more complex. At Arkansas Copier Center our fully managed solution from PrintFleet aims to demystify this and bring you a complete solution for your printer environment.
Have you every stopped to think about:
  • How many printers you use?
  • How many pages you print, copy, fax, in a month or year?
  • How often you order supplies?
  • What an internal order and other operating expenses cost?
  • How the management and stock-keeping of supplies will happen?
  • How much time you spent on service and maintenance work?
When considering all of the above many companies find it difficult to calculate the true cost of running their printer fleet. Working with Arkansas Copier Center will provide you with a full understanding of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your printing environment. This involves a detailed look at both the indirect and direct costs associated with all printing activity.

Direct Costs

  • Hardware
  • Maintenance
  • Service and support
  • Supplies
  • Stock
  • Energy

Indirect Costs

  • Raising POs
  • Processing invoices
  • Managing stock
  • Downtimes
  • Device management
  • Planning and control
In a recent research paper on MPS, the analyst, Gartner, noted that "Organizations that manage their printer, copier and fax fleets can save between 10% and 30% of their print costs." Arkansas Copier Center will deliver you the optimum savings available by moving to a fully managed solution. But these are not the only benefits.
PrintFleet from Arkansas Copier Center allows you to use your print assets more effectively: you can measure your costs, contain them, gain control over your printed output and increase information security. You can also streamline your printing practices for greater efficiency and sustainability, supporting your environmental agenda.
Initiating managed print practices need not be over-complicated, disruptive or costly: you can control your print assets to optimize their business impact and add real value to your organization. We take the time to understand your current environment and then propose an enhanced environment, ensuring you are involved in each step.
Why not take the opportunity of having a complete PrintFleet audit. There is no commitment and once presented with the completed findings and proposal, you can decide what you would like to do next. Call Arkansas Copier Center today and speak to one of our Managed Print Specialists or email us here.
Arkansas Copier Center can help you save up to 50%, which goes directly to your bottom line!